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Neha Dar - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

We have been noticing the trend for large pieces of Jewelry and not to be outdone we have brought some of our own pieces in. But while we like to stay with trend, we also like to do things a little differently.  

While you will find some generic – almost run of the mill pieces the "WOW" comes in with some of our bangles and bracelets. We had these custom made and our bangles have a brass base and a mother of pearl finish and a large selection of crystals.

The larger bracelets come in bright solid mother of pearl and colors range from Bright Orange, Pink, Lime Green, Purple and more. They are come in a natural mother of pearl finish with a hand painted peacock feather. You can stack these and you can wear them as individual statement making pieces. Find us on for the latest collections.

Always Best

Your Team at Traditions Alive


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