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About Traditions Alive

About Traditions Alive

Traditions Alive started out with the vision of showcasing the incredible art and diverse culture of India in 2009. Owned and Operated by Roopa Dar – she brings 30 plus years of experience in production of garments. Her experience running her own business in India, exposed her to the vastness of Indian heritage and along the way she made several contacts with the small cottage industry suppliers who strive to continue their art form.

At our store you will see that vision reflected in every item we carry. We specialize in Traditional handicrafts and each item is handpicked and selected from artisans whose craft is passed down from generation to generation. All items in our store are made from natural materials, completely handmade or using very simple -almost primitive tools. The individual craftsmanship of these artisans is paramount and it is what truly makes each item unique and filled with individual character.

The history of Indian handicrafts dates back 5000 years. While the craft tradition initially revolved around religious beliefs, local needs of the commoners, as well as special needs of patrons and royalties, it has transcended over the years and continued to flourish by withstanding the ravages of time and numerous foreign invasions. The items produced in India today stay true to their roots in style, creation, materials, textures, colors while comfortably fitting in with the modern sense of style.

We travel through the country and select the items we know you will be able to use on a daily basis and love for years to come. We carry jewellery made from semi precious gem stones, amber jewellery, exotic scarves in silks, satins, pashmina, jamawar, cashmere, home decor brass items etched and lacquered, hand carved walnut wood, beautiful soap stone incense burners, coasters, aromatherapy oil burners, singing bowls, exotic blends of teas, madhubani paintings and so much more.

You will always find something unique and different for anyone on your shopping list or even for your own home.

Our aim is to bring these beautiful works of art to the forefront and showcase them through our selection. As we continue to travel, we will continue to expand our collection and offer the finest of these creations.

With your help we are keeping the Traditions Alive.


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